What is InstaGlam Fam?

InstaGlam Fam is a new and innovative beauty and cosmetics social media platform dedicated to providing beauty inspiration through user collaboration – a consolidated (you can post pictures, videos, written posts, and anything in-between) platform for beauty lovers everywhere to post, share, and find beauty content.

Why join InstaGlam Fam? Who is InstaGlam for?

InstaGlam Fam is an easy-to-use, consolidated platform dedicated to providing beauty bloggers, influencers, fans, and lovers with a social media-based network, exclusively dedicated to the beauty industry, where you can post, share, discover, and draw inspiration from beauty content contributed by Fam members all around the world.

We created instaglamfam.com for the 95% of beauty professionals and lovers who may feel consistently overlooked on the other, more generalized social media platforms, which cater to all industries. Because InstaGlam Fam is specifically tailored to the beauty industry, beauty lovers and professionals everywhere can finally promote their amazing talents and stunning beauty content – without the frustrations of having to compete with and/or be overshadowed by multitudes of irrelevant, non-beauty related content.

Instaglamfam.com is also for all the beauty lovers out there who’ve become sick and tired of spending countless hours having to go through endless websites, platforms, and profiles just to find the right look, tutorial, piece of beauty inspiration, etc., for them. At instaglamfam.com, we’ve streamlined this process for beauty lovers and have created a multi-faceted, integrated platform that allows you to post, find, share, and save all different kinds of beauty content in one convenient location. You’re a beauty lover whose time is valuable; don’t waste another second of your life dealing with inefficiency and a limited amount of beauty content options – join InstaGlam Fam today! 

At the end of the day, we’re a different kind of social media platform and beauty website. Our ultimate goal is to encourage contribution, collaboration, interaction, and inspiration among our members in an inclusive environment dedicated to helping you find your face of the day <3

How do I join InstaGlam Fam? 

To join InstaGlam Fam, simply register on the site (instaglamfam.com) and follow the directions provided. In less than five minutes, you’ll be an official member of the InstaGlam Fam – ready to post, share, and inspire!

What are Instaglamfam.com’s key features? 

Fresh Faces – Every new Fam member will be featured on the home page as one of our “Fresh Faces” (when they create their first post)!

Featured Faces – When you get 25 or more “loves” (our version of “likes”) on one of your posts, you’ll be featured on the home page as one of our “Featured Faces”!

Fam Feed/Categories – All user beauty content and inspiration will be featured in the “Fam Feed” under 7 distinct, easy to navigate categories. Fam members can categorize their own beauty content every time they upload something new. Get the most beauty inspiration in the least amount of time!

Fam Filter – The Fam Filter is another feature we offer to further organize beauty content – making it more accessible for our users to find their face of the day. There are three categories – face, eyes, and lips. Those who are simply looking for beauty inspiration are not the only ones benefiting from the Fam Filter; Fam members can use this helpful site attribute to expand their reach by taking advantage of all the category options InstaGlam Fam has to offer (such as the many categories that make of the Fam Feed, the Fam Filter, and Meet Our Up and Comers! section).

My Account/My Settings – Your “My Account”/”My Settings” feature can be very useful as a way to introduce yourself to the rest of the Fam. We highly recommend taking advantage of “Biographical Information” section, so you can let the rest of the community know a little bit more about yourself. Of course, it’s completely your choice, but we would still definitely recommend it. Now, based on our own experiences, uploading your avatar/pro pic can be a bit tricky, so here are some tips and instructions on how to upload your photo successfully:

First, click on the empty box that says “Profile picture” above it, and choose your photo. Now, you’ll need to wait at most two min for it to successfully upload (usually it takes less than 3o seconds, but I always say give it two min max – just to stay on the safe side). Now, you should see a faint version of the profile picture you chose behind the original “Upload” button with the cloud above it. After that, all you have to do is press update on the bottom of the page, and you have successfully changed your profile picture! 

Now, if you find yourself having any additional problems with uploading your profile picture, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form at the footer of each page. We would be more than happy to help you resolve this issue.  

Beauty Portfolio/My Profile – All of your uploaded beauty content will be features in your beauty portfolio/profile for everyone to see and enjoy. As with your “Beauty Profile,” you can also edit or delete any of your posts on this page at any time.

Beauty Profiles/My Added Posts – All of your uploaded beauty content will be stored here as your personal “added posts” archive only you have access too. You can edit or delete any of your posts on this page at any time.

Personalized Beauty Feeds – Every Fam member can create a customized, personal beauty feed for themselves by following other members of the site. Have access to the freshest content from your favorite Fam members 24/7!

Personal Beauty Archives – When you sign up, you can save any and every look you love (by “loving” the content itself) in your personal beauty archive for as long as you want. Never lose track of your favorite beauty content again!

Tags – You can tag any member of instaglamfam.com in the description section of your post on the upload page. Tags are also a great way to distinguish your beauty content, keep track of products featured in your posts, and find specific beauty content using the search box at the top of each page.

Meet Our Up & Comers! – Fam members can use this special section to identify themselves as beauty professionals. To showcase yourself and be featured in this section, all you have to do is select the “Meet Our Up & Comers!” category on the upload page when you’re posting a new piece of beauty content.

A note from the creators of the site: Our best advice for our Fam members would be to categorize your beauty content in as many relevant categories as you see fit when you’re uploading new posts, so this way, you can be featured on the site as much as possible. We encourage you to take advantage of all the tools and features provided by our site because with the right passion, determination, and attitude – there are simply no limits to what instaglamfam.com can help you achieve.   

How can I get my products featured on the site’s “Products We <3” section? 

At instaglamfam.com, we want to do whatever we can to help our Fam members succeed. We created the “Products We <3” section of our site to provide free advertising for any beauty products sold by our Fam members. If you have any products you would like us to advertise for you, simply contact us via the “Contact Us!” section at the footer of the site. We will work with you to ensure that within 48 hours, your product(s) will be featured on our “Products We <3” section for everyone to see! We do not sell your products through our site; we only advertise them and provide a link to wherever your beauty products are available for purchase. Any Fam member can have his or her beauty product(s) advertised on our site – all you have to do is ask!

How can I contact the administrators of the site if I have any questions, comments, concerns, or inquiries? 

To contact us, simply go to the footer of the site and fill out the “Contact Us!” section. Your message will go directly to us, and we will respond to you within 48 hours.